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Wednesday! May 21 2003 // 10:40 am //

sharkey keen

according to the Australian Heritage Fleet, 1874 barque The James Craig is one of four operational barques from the 19th Century still capable of sailing. It is part of a “community based non-profit organisation, the Australian Heritage Fleet … dedicated to the preservation of Australia’s and, particularly, Sydney’s maritime heritage.”

at the Fleet’s website you can read crewmember memoirs, and ferret through stats and articles about all the ships in the fleet. one such memoir, is that of james craig crewmember in the 1920s, john “sharkey” keen, “There is no sky in this. It is all foam and heaving water-salt water and some roll.”


Wednesday! May 21 2003 // 9:55 am

whoa, sorry about the weirdness in the first paragraph there. i had another version written that didn't make me sound like such an unorganized clod, but i posted the wrong one.

so i guess when it comes down to it, i really am an unorganized clod.


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