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Tuesday! May 08 2007 // 7:45 am // permalink


Quit the job,
bought new equipment,
maybe I’ll work at the bar all summer.

Wednesday! Apr 25 2007 // 9:36 am // permalink

More Live Music

Thursday! Apr 19 2007 // 4:28 pm // permalink

Downtown Show

Thursday! Apr 05 2007 // 6:00 pm // permalink



September - March
Severely depressed after returning from Alaska. Wrote new songs, played open mics, stayed out of contact with everyone. That didn’t really work very well.

New glasses, new tattoo, new haircut. New plans? Trying to take steps out of the funk. Possibly attending Northern Michigan in the fall. Possibly getting a farm job for the summer and deferring enrollment until winter. Possibly attending Northwestern Michigan in the fall (or winter, see previous). I’d like to study Biology or Nutrition, so I can get a real job in a school garden. New resolution: No More Internships.


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