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About Rock & Roll Farm

My name is Renee, and I want to be a Rock & Roll Farmer when I grow up.

Rock & Roll Farm, the blog, is where I document my adventures learning about food, food systems, sustainable agriculture, and community development. Someday I think I’d like to manage an organic, community supported farm, that hosts all-ages rock shows. In the long run, I hope to incorporate into this blog more of my ideas and research about community development through all-ages rock.

Soon I will be leaving Michigan to supervise the EATinG program for Calypso Farm in Ester, AK.

My farm experience so far:

I worked and lived on an organic CSA farm in Chelsea, MI. We served 150+ members with a 20 week season full of beautiful vegetables. The farm also sold at the Chelsea and Ann Arbor Farmers Markets, and to local restaurants like Zingerman’s. There were a few animals sharing the farm, including ten chickens, two cows, four cats, and a dog. Countless other beings inhabited the surrounding wooded and wetland areas, as well as under our porches, in the fruit trees, and in the soil. My internship lasted from Labor Day 2004 through Thanksgiving 2005.

I welcome any questions or comments you may have about me, food, farming, rock & roll, or whatever makes you curious. Feel free to use the comment feature at the end of each entry, or email me at (renee) Also, if you want to farm - or rock - with me on my future Rock & Roll Farm, drop me a line!

I have a flickr page that has many photos of my farming experiences.

Archives from my former blog, sans sheriff, are still available.

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