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Sunday! Aug 06 2006 // 1:12 pm //

Welcome August, welcome giant cabbages

Things have been rolling along. New students come to work with us almost every day, only to have them quit after two days. But my core group remains strong and has even expanded a teeny bit. Now there are three students who have consistent attendance. And I am crossing my fingers for this new guy that started Friday but I’m not holding my breath. Crossing fingers, not holding breath.

The Tanana Valley State Fair is in full swing, and what a fair it is. Nothing like the Chelsea Community Fair, which I have to say I kind of preferred if only because of the more manageable size. My students entered some vegetables and flowers in the junior divisions and I won’t tell you what the outcome was, yet. I want to get photos of my students with their ribbons (that’s not a spoiler because everyone gets a ribbon for participating). Yesterday was the giant cabbage weigh-in, and our 12 and 14 pounders were nothing compared to the record-breaking grand champion who logged over 66 pounds! He was heard to say something like, “can’t beat that Miracle Grow!” Which saddened me a little because we grew ours with nothing but compost and fish emulsion. And love. Love is good for a lot, but I guess I’ve learned that love isn’t enough to make a cabbage bloat to over 60 pounds.

Stay tuned for photos of my students’ possibly prize-winning produce!

Kat McLellan

Friday! Aug 11 2006 // 8:06 pm

Hi, Ray—

I wrote you a postcard, but in my move, I lost your address. Could you email it to me?

Take care,


P.S. I have a banana tree in my yard.

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