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Tuesday! Oct 10 2006 // 7:33 pm //


Now I’m home. I was sort of stuck in Chicago for a week, and then promplty went to Pennsylvania for four days. So I haven’t even unpacked. And I’ve started working again. Things are a little crazy. If you were expecting to hear from me, you should exhale now. It will be a while.


Friday! Oct 13 2006 // 12:39 pm

Pennsylvania isn’t Alaska. Neither is Chicago. Work indoors isn’t proper work. Living indoors ins’t proper living, either, come to think of it. WTF, Ray.
I’d miss you more if I were in Alaska, but I even miss you from Scotland… Still, I’ll start breathing as per your command.


Saturday! Oct 14 2006 // 7:25 pm

I thought I left a comment, but I don’t see it. How’d you end up in PA, randomly? And how was Chicago? Were things swirling, as predicted? Are you adjusting to the new schedule?

We miss you tons. Ken has even started a letter to you. Now we just need an address where we can send it!

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