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Sunday! Apr 16 2006 // 9:00 am //


Visiting non-stop. Trying to get ready to get packed. Still need:

1. a hat, because I accidentally shrank my favorite hat that Freddy gave me.
and this hat which was my favorite for a while became the pumphouse flag.
and also this hat is my other favorite hat but it’s not very warm and I always end up changing it if there’s even a little bit of wind.

2. decide if I should bring the gigantic heavy sleeping bag that’s here, or wad up my down comforter(s I have two) and bring them. I’m actually planning on mailing whatever bedding I decide on. I feel like the down is the way to go because it’s a higher quality bedding than whatever that sleeping bag is made of. But what if I want to sleep outside at any point? But that bag is soooo heavy I probably won’t want to move it once I get it in there. Maybe I’m overestimating how cold it will be there at night and I should just bring the lighter weight packable sleeping bag that’s here. Anyone have a thought on this?

3. get my knife sharpened

4. get some photos printed

5. rip a bunch of cd’s (this may not happen, which would be sad)

6. get rid of a car trunk full of yarn. Anyone? Anyone?



Monday! Apr 17 2006 // 5:13 pm


You seem to have your hands full. Did you get my email? Not that I’m in any position to complain about such periods of silence. Want me to make some CDs for you and mail them to your AK address? Just send me a list and I’ll see what I have. Let me know if I can help—I’ll be in the state through July.

What kind of sleeping bag is it? I doubt you’ll see temps below 25 F from May through the later part of August. Keep in mind that down won’t keep you warm if it gets wet. And it’s often wet here, though less so in the interior.

Take Care,


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