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Sunday! Aug 13 2006 // 1:11 pm //


New photos are up on flickr, including some shaky photos of my students’ junior division fair exhibits. Here’s what we won:

Red Cabbage - Second Place
Collard Greens - Second Place
Green Cabbage - Third Place
Broccoli - Third Place
Cauliflower - Third Place
Sweet Peas, single color - Second Place
Sunflowers - Second Place
Sweet Peas, multi color - Third Place
Calendula - Fourth Place
Snapdragons, multi color - Seventh Place

Last week, the school had their open house, and Charles and I made bouquets for all the tables. Nobody else showed up for work that day, so it was a quiet hour of flower arranging that was so pleasant I was able to forget the season-long severe understaffing problem. Charles has had no experience in flower arranging (or in any other interaction with flowers, for that matter) and I was impressed with his interest and enthusiasm for the activity. Moreover, I was charmed by his simple arrangements that suggest the minimalism and intention of Japanese flower arranging. He even added a few nasturtium to one bouquet - an unorthodox move that I was skeptical about at first, but I was ultimately won-over. What a great guy, that Charles.

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