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Friday! Jun 09 2006 // 5:36 am //

Ray-Ray’s Rock and Roll Garden

My students are incredible, and I am so in love with them! They are great workers, and are super fun, and all call me Ray-Ray.

The garden is almost totally in. The moose fence is almost totally up. Next Friday (the 16th) is our first distribution!

Last weekend we had record lows…like two frosts in a row! Which is crazy even for inland Alaska this time of year. We covered everything at Calypso and at the EATinG garden. The garden didn’t lose more than a few flowers, but the farm lost a ton of stuff.

Wildfires are starting early this year and yesterday I woke up and smelled smoke! They’re already shutting down part of the highway near us because the fires are so close. Crazy!

I am really hoping to write more this weekend, but I’m starting to remember that blogging and farming don’t really mix well. Thanks for all the cards and letters!


Monday! Jun 12 2006 // 10:05 pm

Ray! I just checked out Calpyso’s website and it looks like such a sweet spot. I hope you are doing ok out there, up there. Are the days really long yet? What is summer solstice like? Its been so long since I checked out your website but boy oh boy is it nice. There’s a farmers market here in Santa fe and I have yet to see a display nearly as nice as the ones you used to make. How long do you think you’re going to stay in ‘Laska? For more than the season? Are you still singing your heart out? Don’t ever stop. Here’s a quote you might like: "you’re making the mouth of my soul water". ok this is a super long comment. so maybe i’ll just write you a letter and tell you in pen and ink how much I miss you and that I hope our leetle paths cross again soon. All the love on Gaia, mwuhahahah


Monday! Jun 12 2006 // 10:08 pm

Also if you have any more of those slammin tshirts, i’ll proudly wear it. and pay the shipping.

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