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Sunday! Sep 17 2006 // 2:47 pm //

One week till ‘Cold Turkey At The Eagle’

It’s been a crazy time since last I posted. Trying to shut down the garden and get a compost pile made…all with very little help. Saying goodbye to my students was awful. When I’m not in the garden frantically ripping out broccoli stalks, I’m spending all the time I can with my new friends. Last night I stayed up till 7 at a picking party on an old bus with my newest friends…Clark County, The Grassholes, and other fine, fine bluegrass and old-timey musicians. Boot and I even danced a little in the three square feet of floor space that was left open. I can’t wait to get back to Michigan and assemble my own group so I can bring them up here to play some festivals with these folks. I hope they come to my going away party next week. I’m cooking a turkey and we’re all meeting at the Gold Eagle in Ester. Then I fly out the next morning.


Sunday! Sep 17 2006 // 7:36 pm

ray ya gotta stop sneaking off and playing open mike without letting your firstest and bestest fairbanks fans know about it… plus i think i have your red raincoat in my car. is yourn? AND - thanks for flowers. turned a cranky-ass homecoming into lots of cooing.


Tuesday! Sep 19 2006 // 8:15 am

3 Megans Agreed…that you knew about open mic! Everyone missed you. But you know that I will always do a command performance for you. And I’m doing the Marlin Wednesday. And then I’ll surely play at the party on Monday. But you are right, you are my bestest fans (at least the first to sneak a bootleg!)

Miss Jessica

Tuesday! Sep 19 2006 // 10:54 am

Time flies when you are doing awesome things in Alaska! I can’t believe you are coming back already!!!! Please come and stay with us in Chicago for a while, whenever you want. We got a new place with a guest bedroom. I want to hear all about Alaska in person. Do it.


Sunday! Sep 24 2006 // 8:43 pm

hey Renee! i got your letter - what a great penpal you’ve been this summer. i cant wait - totally count me in!

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