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Wednesday! Jun 28 2006 // 8:10 am //

It was inevitable

Yesterday was a thrilling day. Not only because it was our fourth harvest day, and we had tons of big beautiful produce for people, but because we had a moose attack. It came Monday night, and ate the tops off about twenty cauliflower plants. The other end of the same two rows had been devistated by cutworms a few weeks back, with broccoli losses totalling over 50 plants. I’m starting to think those two rows may be cursed.

The moose fence only has one of three gates installed - my project for today was to build and install the other two. The top of the fence is still without electrified lines, and hopefully the people who were supposed to help me with that have taken notice of the emergency and plan on moving this project to the top of the priority list.

So last night I covered everything in the garden with remay. Everything. Just like when it was so cold a few weeks back. Except now everything is huge and some rows need two pieces of remay, one on each side and pinned at the top. The remay is to fool the moose into thinking there isn’t anything in the garden to eat. Apparently this has worked in the past. I’m skeptical (that’s right, Milkmaid).

The share for this week is:
Chinese cabbage (which is bolting - I knew I should have distributed it last week!)
Two heads of lettuce - Crispina or Butterhead or Oaky Red Splash
One bunch Asian greens - tat soi or komatsuna or mustard of some kind
One bunch arugula
One bunch of combined radishes and turnips
3/4 lb. salad mix

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