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Monday! May 01 2006 // 6:36 pm //

It’s so cold in Alaska

I’m here. It’s cold and there’s still snow. I’m taking a break from watching a goat being born. Some time I will have the energy to write a real update. Maybe this weekend? I miss everyone! Write me letters and I will write you back!


Saturday! May 13 2006 // 12:21 am

thanks for the Pcard R, I’ll be sending one in return totally soon like! But first, I have to collapse a table leaf, break a beer and silence the room first.

Sunday! May 21 2006 // 9:13 am

where your address addressing to these days?
i’ve got presents!!
love, emily


Friday! May 26 2006 // 1:28 am

dude, you’re in alaska! if you need more hats or gloves or mittens or scarves or anything send me your info and i will send you knitted goods!

hope you are well!


Thursday! Jun 08 2006 // 4:59 pm

It’s all in your mind. It’s all in your mind.

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