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renee renee renee renee

Tuesday! Jun 20 2006 // 8:06 am //

First harvest(s)

Friday was our first harvest - it went well. Six out of nine shareholders came to pick up 3/4lb salad mix, a bunch of arugula, a bunch of chives and a little bit of lovage. Today the other half of our shareholders will pick up. The share will be slightly different since my spinach bolted over the weekend and the chinese cabbage looks like it may do the same. I should have trusted my instincts and just harvested the spinach on Friday!

the milkmaid

Tuesday! Jun 20 2006 // 2:36 pm

always trust your instincts. i do. and look where it got me. f*ing covered in milk. from head to toe. and where did my clothes go? my finest blue-check gingham dress? damn.

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