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Thursday! Apr 20 2006 // 9:38 am //

Bionic Friends

Thank you, thank you, thank you, to everyone who came to my going away parties, bought t-shirts, or sent words of encouragement.

Much love to: Abby Fishface, Adam, Alan, Allison, Amber, Ari, Batman, Brett, Carly, Chris, Chrissy, Corinne, Dad, David, Deb, Debbie, Ed, Ellie, Emily, Erica, Grandpa, Grandmother, Heather, Heavy Metal Brian, Holly, J*RAD, Jake, Jecca, Jeff, Jenna, Jeremy, Jess, Joan, John, Johnny B., JPB, Julie, Justin, Kari, Kenny, Laurie, Maggie, Marco, Mark, Mark, Matty, Michelle, Mike, Mike, Mikey, The Milkmaid, Mom, Morgan, Nan, Nicole, Noah, The Noracle, Pat, Rebecca, Reid, Renaye, Ross, Sarah, Stacy, Stan, Sue, Timberly, Tom, Tracie, Tracy, and Uncle Richie.

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