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Wednesday! Apr 19 2006 // 9:37 am //

A Laska Ate My Baby

1. I got a hat. It’s merino wool.
2. I found a sleeping bag. It’s down, I’m down.
3. My knife is still dull. Oh well.
4. The cd’s may not get ripped. But I have so much music on my mp3 player already…I should just stop being a baby.
5. Christine took all the yarn. And that is why she is great.
Addendum: I never found anyone to take care of my snake, Ginger “The Snake” Baker, so my brother is going to do it. He just doesn’t know it yet. If you’d like to snakesit all summer, let me know and I’m sure he’ll give up the position.

I am leaving tomorrow for Chicago! It’s true! And then I fly to Alaska on Monday! Oh my! Depending on how long it takes me to get settled up there, it may be a while till I update again. Please don’t let that stop you from emailing me. If you want my snail mail address, you can have it.

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