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Saturday! Jul 01 2006 // 3:23 pm //

10 weeks and counting…

I just spent over three hours editing, uploading to flickr, and organizing into sets all the photos I’ve taken since arriving in Alaska. I’d recommend looking at the sets (along the right side of the page), as it makes more sense than the disordered photostream. There are separate sets for each week of the garden as well as a general Alaska set, a Chuck Wagon set, and a few other sets for activities I’ve done off the farm (parties, Denali, hikes, etc.). It is so interesting to see the progression of the garden, especially around week 5, when suddenly everything explodes. There aren’t any photos of my students yet, because they are minors and this program is like all offical and I still need to get a release form signed by their parents.

The photo above is featured with my profile on the staff page of the Calypso website. Please note that this photo was staged. I don’t regularly use a children’s rake on onion starts. I use a big one. That way they are destroyed more readily.

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