Templates: Juneindex: crumbs

This documentation was updated on Tuesday, February 24, 2009 at 6:08 AM

Inserts a list of “crumbs” showing where the current page is in relation to the rest of the site.


case: upper or lower. Will convert the output to uppercase or lowercase. The default is none.
type: short or full. Short will omit the first crumb (the site name) and the first divider.
links: true or false. Whether to make each crumb a link. The default is true.
divider: any string. The divider between each crumb. The default is “ / “.
firstdivider: any string. The divider after the first crumb. The default is the divider if one was specified, or “ // “.
spaces: a list of characters to convert to spaces. The default is “_”.


<juneindex:crumbs divider=": " spaces="-" />

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