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This documentation was updated on Wednesday, April 15, 2009 at 5:51 AM

Inserts a list of upcoming events, if the site has any entries that are marked as events.


dir: the directory of the category to display events from. Groups will not work. The default is to display events from all categories.
limit: the maximum number of events to display. The default is 10.
divider: any string to insert between each event. HTML entities must be encoded.
title: the field to use as the title. Possible values are title, author, flex01, flex02, or flex03. The default is title.
date: a date format following the rules of the PHP date function. The default is no date display.


<h1>Next Show</h1>
<p><junecode:upcomingevents limit="1" title="flex01" date="m.d.y" /></p>

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