Templates: Junecode: flexfield (deprecated)

This documentation was updated on February 24th, 2009

Inserts a single flex field. It must appear inside of a <junecode:entries> tag. The output is wrapped in a <div> tag with the class “flex01”, where the number if the number of the flex field. The label is wrapped in a <span> tag with the class flexlabel, and the divider is wrapped in a <span> tag with the class flexdivider.

Use flexdata to insert only the value of a flex field. Use flexfields if you want to insert all of the flex fields in a single block.


no or number: the number of the flex field to insert. The default is 1.
label: a text label to display before the data. The default is the flex field name you’ve entered in the General section of the Options page in your site.
divider: the text to insert between the label and value. The default is “: “


<junecode:flexfield no="1" divider=" " />


This tag is deprecated as of Junecode 3.0. Use the metadata or metadatalist tag instead.

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