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This documentation was updated on February 24th, 2009

Inserts a list of categories that the entry is filed under. Each category in the list will be linked to that category. It must appear inside of a <junecode:entries> tag.


label: a text label to display before the list of categories. It will be wrapped in a <span> tag with the class “filedlabel”. The default is none.
divider: the text to insert between each category. The default is “, “ so that each category is separated by a comma.
entryonly: true or false. If set to true, the list will only be inserted when the entry is viewed directly. The default is false.
plain: true or false. When set to true, only the list of categories is inserted, with no other HTML. The label will be ignored.


<junecode:filedunder label="Filed under " />


The plain attribute was added in version 2.1.

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