Templates: Junecode: entrytitle

This documentation was updated on February 24th, 2009

Inserts the title of the entry. It must appear inside of a <junecode:entries> tag.


case: upper or lower. Will convert the output to uppercase or lowercase. The default is none.
limit: The maximum number of characters to display. If no limit is given, the entire title will be displayed.
urlencode: true or false. If set to true, the text will be URL encoded, so that it can be inserted into a link. The default is false.
htmlentities: true or false. If set to true, HTML entities in the text will be encoded.
striptags: whether to remove HTML tags. default is false.


<h2><junecode:createlink href="" text="" decode="true" /></h2>


The limit attribute was added in version 2.1.
The striptags attribute was added in Junecode 3.0.

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