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This documentation was updated on April 09th, 2006

Inserts the email address of the person that posted the comment. It must appear inside of a <junecode:comments> tag. Displaying email addresses directly is strongly discouraged, as it makes them available to spam harvesters that search web pages for email address to send junk mail to. See the commentemail tag for a way to let posters email each other safely.




<junecode:gravatar email="{junecode:commentemailaddress}" default="http://yourdomain.com/images/defaultcomment.gif"
size="35" width="35" height="35" class="gravatar" alt="{junecode:commentname}" />

Note that the example above requires the Gravatar plugin, which is included with Junecode. This is a rare example where this tag is quite useful, as the email address will never be displayed in the page… It is only used to get the appropriate Gravatar image.

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