this is the photobooth

The wheels, first set in motion at the S*mmer Cl*ster F*ck have finally gotten somewhere. About time too.

My friends, sorry for the delay.

I’m trying a new thing for these photos, because I’ve heard some people saying Oh, It’s so hard to find my picture becasue there are too many pictures!! Well. There are still oh-so many pictures, the most ever pictures. But, I’ve broken them up into ‘photobooth1’ and ‘photobooth2’ so if you find you, your friends, your future friends once, I hope it’ll be easier to remember where.

So thanks again for participating, for looking. This booth makes me very happy, and I hope you like it too.
As always you can email me with questions, problems, advice, recipies, etc

Have Fun and Stay Safe


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nora mccomiskey
from the chicago botanic gardens
the photobooth
800 winters photobooth
bringmayflowers photobooth
end of s*mmer cl*sterf*ck photobooth1
end of s*mmer cl*sterf*ck photobooth2
streets and sidewalks

all images ©Nora McComiskey, all rights reserved

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