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Wednesday! Sep 06 2006 // 7:15 pm //

20 days to go…

Oh man! Twenty more days in Alaska, and just two more days with my students! The latter has me pretty much devastated.

We started our compost pile today, and it kept our minds off the impending doom. We’re making a layered pile which will heat up to 120F in like 24 hours, and will hopefully be done cooking before it freezes. Our goal is to make a pile as tall as Charles, which is like, 5 feet and change. We’re using the pea plants and squash plants for green matter, and will probably dip into Brussels leaves and cauliflower leaves soon. And then I may just mow the lawn at the school…

Our last distributions will be Friday and Tuesday (I’ll do the Tuesday one alone) and the share will be: Brussels, parsnips, celery, potatoes, bunching onions, rutabaga, onions, lettuce, kale, collards, and some bunch of asian greens.

It is Totally Fall here right now. The leaves are gold and orange and should be off the trees by the middle of next week. I’m looking forward to experiencing two falls this year. All my midwestern friends should pencil me in for trips to the cider mill during October.

Alaska is sending me off with a bang. Last week I saw the aurora, and everyone said it was one of the best in recent memory. Then I went on a three day hike on the Pinnell Mountain Trail this past weekend. The tundra is an amazing place. The weather was unusally incredible. I got to see Denali, which was not out the day I went to the park. I’ll put up photos on Flickr soon.

Speaking of photos, I’ll be putting up the whole chunk from the last month or so maybe next week. Definitely not this weekend because I’m going to a cabin with something like nine other women to pick cranberries. Alaska!

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