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Updates: Juneindex Release Notes


November 3rd, 2006

For more information on changes to the template system, please see the Tense Index template reference.

Note that Tense Log 2.1 has some new features to make using Tense Index even easier, including a simple interface to add file descriptions and apply custom templates to specific folders.

  • After the page has initially loaded, thumbnails will now continue to generate and load if necessary. Older versions would stop creating new thumbnails after a certain amount of time, to avoid excessive page loading delays or overloading the server. This meant that you might have to refresh a page several times the first time it was viewed, to see all of the images. This new version solves all of these problems!
  • Added a new template named “Simple”. This is now the default template. You can change the template back to one of the previous defaults by editing the library/common/ file.
  • Added a new template named “Memories”, to match the Tense Log theme of the same name.
  • The previous “index” template has been renamed to “Classic”.
  • Added the crop and overlay attributes to the fileimage tag. Using the crop attribute you can now have all of your thumbnail images cropped to the exact same size, and highlight a specific area of each image if you like. Using the overlay attribute, you can layer a second image on top of each thumbnail, which is useful for adding borders or watermarks.
  • Added the notequalto attribute to the if tag. You can also now do multiple comparisons in a single if tag. If any one of them is true, the contents will be returned.
  • Add the plain attribute to the filename tag. This allows you to display the full file name, unaltered.
  • Added support for the same flexible plug-in architecture that Tense Log uses.
  • Files ending in ~ are now hidden.
  • The default settings for Tense Index and Tense Log are now stored in the same folder at library/common/ The sort and order settings are now template attributes. See the files tag in the template reference for more information.
  • Thumbnail images are now stored in a .tensecode folder. You can safely delete any .tenseindex or .NNNxNNN folders (where N is a number) as long as they are not inside a .tensecode folder.
  • The file extension for templates has been changed to .index, though .template files will still work.
  • Fixed some issues with the indexoffset setting.
  • Fixed a bug where the filenew tag did not work correctly.
  • Fixed a bug where thumbnail images were not sized correctly if the width was specified but not the height.


September 1st, 2006

There have been no noteworthy changes since Tense Index 3.0 beta 2.

3.0 beta 2

September 1st, 2006

This release is feature complete and has no known bugs. For more information on new tags and attributes, please see the Tense Index template reference.

  • Images are now displayed using a modified version of Lightbox JS by Lokesh Dhakar.
  • Thumbnail images are now updated automatically when the full size image is changed.
  • Added a title, href, and popup attribute to the fileimage tag. The title text is displayed below the enlarged image.
  • Added paragraphs and htmlentities attributes to the filedescription tag. This text is displayed below the enlarged image. This can be used along with the fileimage tag to display the description below enlarged images.
  • Added the onload tag, which must be added if you’re upgrading a custom template.
  • Added equalto, lessthan, and greaterthan attributes to if tag.
  • Fixed a bug where blue borders would appear around icons in some browsers.
  • Fixed a bug in the fileimage tag where the default height would not be set in some cases.

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