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January 21st, 2010

After a long hiatus we finally have an update for you. Learn more about Junecode or create a site now.

October 7th, 2007

Tense Log 2.1 and Tense Index 3.1 are now available! These versions include a huge number of bug fixes, compatibility improvements, and new features. They’re easier to set up and use than ever. View the Tense Log update history or the Tense Index update history for more information on what has changed… or get started right away and download Tense Code now!

May 10th, 2007

Tense Log 2.1 beta 2 is available! This update includes a few important bug fixes relating to cropped thumbnails. Please see here for more details.

April 26th, 2007

Tense Log 2.1 beta is now available! This version includes a greatly improved installation process, better compatibility, and a bunch of new features. Please see here for more details.

April 10th, 2007

Welcome to the new Tense Code site here at! New information about Tense Log and Tense Index has been added, as well as a sneak peek at the upcoming Tense Store. Best of all, we’re starting a beta phase of a new service: get your own free site at!

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