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When you’re creating new content for your site, Junecode helps you focus—so you’ll spend less time messing with HTML, waiting for images to upload, or worst of all—re-writing work you lost.

  • Drafts are saved automatically: Junecode saves your entries as you write them. If your browser crashes, your power goes out, or you just accidentally close the page, open up the Drafts section and continue where you left off.
  • Smart formatting: Many things you’d have to worry about in a plain HTML editor are dealt with automatically. Special characters are encoded automatically and quotes are made curly for you. If you want a formatted list, just start your lines with dashes or bullet points. A pop-up window inserts HTML automatically when you do need it, and if you need to get fancy you can turn off the auto-formatting. You can also preview entries instantly, and even validate your HTML before you post.
  • Bookmarklet for quick posts: Junecode lets you drag a bookmarklet (or favelet) to your bookmarks bar, so you can start a new post from anywhere. If you come across something on another site that you want to share on your own blog, just select some text to quote it, click the bookmarklet, and a new entry is created for you. Just add your own comments and click Save to post it!
  • Meta data fields: Sometimes the standard entry fields aren’t enough. Junecode lets you easily add your own text fields, pop-up menus, and checkboxes. For example if you’re writing reviews, a couple clicks will let you add a pop-up menu where you can select a score from 1 to 5 stars.
  • Image uploading: When you upload an image with an entry, it works in the background, so you can write while you wait. For Mac users, our Dashboard widget makes uploading files even easier.
  • iPhone and iPod touch support: Need to post an update on the go? An iPhone optimized version of Junecode gives you access to nearly every feature from anywhere.
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